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Woking’s railways remain completely off track

by willforster on 29 November, 2017

Woking has been completely ignored in the Government’s latest rail strategy.  The Conservative Government announced its new rail strategy today, but Woking was not mentioned once – despite Woking being a key transport hub and having some of the most over overcrowded trains in the country. Despite years of debate over Crossrail 2, a new […]

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Pavement widening on Guildford Road

by willforster on 1 October, 2017

On Monday, Surrey County Council will start work on widening the pavement on Guildford Road by Claremont Avenue in order to improve pedestrian safety. I am delighted this work is finally happening – it is something I have been pushing on for years.  Being very close to Greenfields School and Woking Park, this pavement is […]

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Woking Parking Review

by willforster on 4 August, 2017

Surrey County Council has today launched a consultation on changing parking restrictions across Woking. The Council will soon deliver letters to all the properties potentially affected with a copy of the plans and information regarding the proposed changes, and requesting them to participate in the formal consultation process – the public consultation will run from 4th August […]

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Re-elected – Thank You!

by willforster on 7 May, 2017

I was delighted to have been re-elected as South Woking’s County Councillor on 4th May – I want to say a big thank you to all the voters of South Woking for continuing to place their faith in me and sending me back to County Hall with an increased majority. I received 2271 votes (54%) […]

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Lib Dem Councillor Ian Johnson successfully persuaded Woking Borough Council to waive burial charges to grieving local families. During this week’s Full Council meeting, Woking Council unanimously backed a motion proposed by Ian Johnson – the Lib Dem Councillor for Mount Hermon – that the Council puts an end to charging for burials of children […]

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Street lights to be turned off at night

by willforster on 30 January, 2017

Surrey County Council is adopting what it calls a ‘Part Night Lighting Policy’ for street lights, which involves switching off the majority of lights between midnight and 5 am. Across Surrey, the County Council has 89,000 street lights and it is going to turn off around 55,000 lights for most of the night in order to save […]

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Lib Dems welcome Government’s Rough Sleeping Grant

by willforster on 14 January, 2017

The local Lib Dems and I have welcomed the announcement by the Government that part of a £20 million Rough Sleeping Fund will go to help rough sleepers in Woking. The fund will help new rough sleepers, or people at imminent risk of sleeping rough, to get the rapid support they need to recover and […]

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Lib Dems seeking an end to child burial charges

by willforster on 10 January, 2017

The local Lib Dems are seeking an end to burial charges for children and stillborns. My Lib Dem colleague, Councillor Ian Johnson, has submitted a motion to get Woking Borough Council to waive its burial charges for children and stillborns of local families. It is impossible to imagine how hard it must be for families […]

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Hill View Road resurfacing

by willforster on 8 July, 2016

Surrey County Council will be resurfacing Hill View Road from Thursday 21st July. I understand the work should take 5 days, with resurfacing work only taking place between Monday to Friday and 7 am to 5 pm.  The road will be closed to through traffic whilst the resurfacing has started, but local residents will be able to […]

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My Lib Dem colleague Councillor Ian Johnson had his first meeting as Vice Chairman of Woking Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee this evening. Ian Johnson is the first Lib Dem to take a leading role in scrutinising Woking Borough Council matters for a few years – as back in 2014, the Conservatives changed the Council’s […]

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