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The Lib Dems have launched a national lobbying campaign urging Conservative MP’s to restore public faith in politics and back amendments in the House of Commons to protect the rights of EU citizens and child refugees in the UK. As part of the campaign, I have written to Woking’s MP, Jonathan Lord, asking him to […]

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Thank you for your support

by willforster on 16 December, 2019

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the 16,629 people who voted for me to become Woking’s MP in last week’s General Election. Although I did not get over the line in Woking this time, the Lib Dems achieved our best result in a decade. We increased our vote […]

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Challenging my opponent to reject no-deal

by willforster on 8 December, 2019

I have today challenged the local Conservative candidate to rule out a no-deal Brexit in December 2020. The challenge, just a few days before polling day, follows Boris Johnson refusing to rule out a no-deal exit from the EU.  Under the Tory Party’s plan, the UK will have until December 2020 to deliver the second phase […]

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NHS staff shortages worsen under Tories

by willforster on 5 December, 2019

The latest figures on NHS vacancies reveal that there was 6,180 vacancies for nurses in the NHS in the South East in July to September 2019.  This means that over 13% of posts were unfilled, showing the NHS staff shortage crisis to get worse. The Conservatives have presided over a staffing crisis in our health service, failing to […]

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46 EU academics from the University of Surrey, and 1179 from universities in London, have quit in the three years since the Brexit vote, research by the Lib Dems has revealed. 23 academics from the EU left the University of Surrey in 2018/19 alone, the figures show. The analysis, based on Freedom of Information responses from […]

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Figures reveal exodus of EU NHS staff in local hospitals

by willforster on 26 November, 2019

Brexit is making the staffing crisis at St Peter’s and Royal Surrey NHS Trusts even worse, the Lib Dems have warned. Figures published by the Lib Dems reveal that 78 EU staff working at the Royal Surrey NHS Trust and 63 at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital have already left the health service this year. […]

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Earlier today, Nigel Farage announced that the Brexit Party will not be standing a General Election candidate in Woking and other Conservative held seats. Nigel Farage’s comments show he is running scared of the Lib Dems as the strongest Remain party in areas like Woking. He knows that we are the only party at this election […]

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720 EU nationals in Woking being left in legal limbo

by willforster on 8 November, 2019

Hundreds of EU nationals living in Woking Borough have not been offered permanent residency in the UK, official figures have revealed.  The Lib Dems have accused the government of leaving local families from the EU in “legal limbo” and throwing people’s lives into uncertainty. Of the 4,090 EU nationals across Woking who have applied for permanent residency, only […]

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Part one of our ‘Plan for the Future’

by willforster on 5 November, 2019

Today, the Lib Dems launched part one of our ‘Plan for the Future’. At our General Election campaign launch, Jo Swinson has declared that a Lib Dem Government will stop Brexit and use the £50 billion ‘Remain Bonus’ to invest in public services and tackle inequality. This £50 billion injection to the areas that need it […]

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Stop Brexit and build a brighter future

by willforster on 31 October, 2019

The decision to hold a snap General Election on Thursday 12th December brings to an end one of the most disastrous governments in generations.  This is our chance to demand better for Britain, and Woking in particular.  In that election, I will be standing to become the Lib Dem MP for Woking Constituency.  As a local Councillor, […]

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