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New shock poll predicts Conservatives set to lose Woking to Lib Dems at next election

by willforster on 3 April, 2024

The latest poll from YouGov has predicted that Liberal Democrats are on course to win in Woking at the next election.

The MRP poll by YouGov, and reported by The Times, predicts that the Conservatives would lose the seat to the Lib Dems if an election were held today.

It follows on from four historic parliamentary by-election wins for the Lib Dems over Conservative MPs in recent years, as well as hundreds of gains in local elections across the country since 2019.

The poll also shows Labour are out of the race in Woking, trailing behind in a long distant third place.

The Lib Dems are looking to win seats across the so-called ‘Blue Wall” at the next general election, as lifelong Conservative voters desert Rishi Sunak’s party in their droves.

This poll shows that Labour can’t win here, and that the next election in Woking will be a clear two-horse race between the Lib Dems and the Conservative Party. The Lib Dems are on the up after our big gains at the local elections and our four stunning parliamentary by-election wins against the Conservatives.

More and more local people are telling me they are backing our campaign because they’re fed up with being taken for granted by this Conservative Government. After years of people struggling to get a GP appointment, soaring prices in the shops and our rivers being polluted by filthy sewage, it’s clear it’s time for a change in Woking.

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