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Bus services in Guildford and Woking cut

by willforster on 12 July, 2022

My Lib Dem colleagues and I have criticised Stagecoach over cancellations and cuts to key bus services in Guildford and Woking.

From yesterday, the 1 and 2 bus service in Guildford, have been reduced to every 30 minutes – and from Monday 25th July, the 91 bus service in Woking will reduce to 15 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday; evening journeys and the whole of the Sunday timetable will remain unchanged.

This follows a recent raft of cancellations to Stagecoach’s bus services that have left passengers stranded and has been blamed on a shortage of drivers.

Later today, I am raising this issue in a question at Surrey County Council’s Full Council meeting.

The County Council has a role to play in supporting the bus network and is relying on providers such as Stagecoach to provide a level of service that will persuade residents in Surrey to abandon their cars in favour of public transport in a bid to cut harmful emissions from private vehicles.

The Lib Dems and I know now that Stagecoach has made some temporary changes to its timetables in the hope that this will help address driver availability in the short term, but neither the Council nor Stagecoach seem to have a plan as to what to do if the current conditions in the employment market continue.

These reductions in bus services are happening at the time when Surrey County Council is launching its new Local Travel Plan with an emphasis on walking, cycling and public transport. It needs to take a more proactive approach in helping to tackle what is likely to be a longer-term issue.

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  1. Matt Furniss stated at the meeting that SCC routes were not affected. That’s misleading. All routes operated from Guildford depot, including 34/35/81/91 in Woking, are being affected by heavy cancellations compared to what is scheduled to operate. There have generally been no reductions in SCC route schedules. 81 is an SCC contracted route and 34/35/91 in the evening and on Sunday are supported by SCC.

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