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Woking Parking Review

by willforster on 6 April, 2021

Surrey County Council is consulting on the Woking Parking Review, which is the Council’s plan to change parking restrictions in various places in Woking.

The Council is consulting the public about changes to several roads in my Woking South division.

  • On Kingfield Drive

Following requests from local people, the Council wants to install a double yellow line on the northern side of Kingfield Drive, just off Kingfield Road.

The idea behind this plan is that residents park on the southern side of the drive, but non-residents intermittently park on the northern side.  When this happens it can block both the road and pavement.

  • In Hillside

At the beginning of 2019, the Council consulted on the introduction of double yellow lines in Hillside – towards the junction with Egley Road.  The proposal did not get much interest at the time, there was only one response and that was an objection to the extent of the double yellow lines.  Therefore, the Council agreed that only the southern half of what had been advertised would be installed.

However, following several requests, the Council is now looking to install the rest of the originally advertised proposal.  The Council is considering putting double yellow lines on both sides of the road up the hill and past the first two houses.

  • Old School Place

The Council is looking to install a double yellow line around the inside of the main bend in the road, opposite the entrance to Holmes Close.

This is to stop vehicles from parking on the inside of the bend, as it blocks sight lines and can force vehicles onto the wrong side of the road.

  • Rydens Way

Here, the Council is planning on installing double yellow lines in Rydens Way outside the new development of Woodhatch Grove.

If approved, the Council would put parking restrictions on the north side of Woodhatch Grove, in front of numbers 1 to 7.  Since the new houses were built, there have been access issues in and out of the area.

  • Thorsden Close

Finally, in Thorsden Close – off Guildford Road – the Council is proposing to install a disabled parking bay.

Please see the full details of the possible changes here.  If you have a view on these proposed parking restrictions, whether it is for or against, please respond to the consultation here by 23th April.

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