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Lib Dems secure review of 20 mph schemes

by willforster on 22 March, 2021

The Lib Dems secured a commitment at today’s Surrey Police and Crime Panel meeting from the Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro to raise the issue of 20 mph areas with Surrey County Council and Surrey Police.

My Lib Dem colleagues and I, along with many local people across Surrey, want to see more 20 mph zones outside schools and in residential areas to improve road safety and encourage sustainable travel like walking and cycling.  However, both the County Council and Police have often opposed such initiatives despite 20 mph schemes being successful and popular elsewhere in the country.

In response to a question from Paul Kennedy – who is running to be Surrey’s Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner in May’s elections – at the Panel, Commissioner David Munro agreed to review the Police’s approach to 20 mph areas as part of the re-launch of the DriveSmart programme about road safety.

More and more communities across Surrey are interested in 20 mph zones.  Frustratingly, the County Council and Police have often not been supportive – but I am pleased that pressure from the Lib Dems and local residents seems to have worked, and the approach to 20 mph schemes is being reviewed.

The Lib Dems have long called for more 20 mph areas in residential areas where people want them and outside schools, as well as sensible speed limits in country lanes.  Locally, I have requested that the Barnsbury estate, the Kingfield and Old Woking area and Mount Hermon West neighbourhood are designated as 20 mph zones.

There is now real momentum to make our roads safer and more inclusive for all users.  Hopefully this review and re-launch of DriveSmart will enable communities in South Woking and across Surrey to enjoy the benefits that 20 mph schemes bring.

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