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Lib Dems call for road safety to be a budget priority

by willforster on 5 February, 2021

My Lib Dem colleagues on Surrey County Council and I are proposing an amendment to the Council’s budget to invest in tackling road safety problems across the county.

Recognising that there is huge frustration in communities about the difficulties in getting road safety schemes funded in a timely manner, the Lib Dem Group are proposing a Road Safety Fund to ensure that local communities can get the speed signs, crossings or other safety measures which many residents call for.  Where there is local support, 20 mph zones, could also be introduced using this potential Road Safety Fund.

All over Surrey there are requests for road safety improvements; the Council’s Local and Joint Committees receive regular petitions calling for junction improvements, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings, but the Council is unable and unwilling to act on these requests.

Across south Woking, I know local people want action to improve dangerous junctions and tackle speeding, or implement 20 mph zones by schools and residential areas – this Road Safety Fund would enable these requests to be delivered.

Our proposal is practical, affordable and deliverable; we have been clear where the Capital and Revenue are coming from and we believe this proposal will meet an unmet need in communities.

Keeping our roads safe is Surrey County Council’s responsibility, that is why the Lib Dems and I are proposing a budget amendment to ensure enough money is invested in making our roads safer – let’s hope the Conservative administration are prepared to accept it during Tuesday’s budget meeting.

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