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Safety and speeding in Sutton Green

by willforster on 14 September, 2020

Following several accidents at the junction of New Lane and Sutton Green Road, I have worked with Surrey County Council to improve safety at the junction.

Sometime ago, the Council installed new signage, barriers and other safety features to reduce accidents at this corner.  Although this has helped, there is still a problem with safety and speeding in the roads in Sutton Green.

That is why residents have started a petition calling on the County Council to reduce the speed limit on all roads through Sutton Green to 30 mph and authorise the provision of picket gates to the entrance of the village.

I am very supportive of this petition, road safety should be taken seriously everyone – but Sutton Green is particular vulnerable to speeding.  Sutton Green has very few pavements, it is on a cycle route and there are several sharp turns. If you agree, please sign the petition here.

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  1. Jack O'Green says:

    There is another sharp bend up the top end of New Lane where is joins Westfield Road and is the scene of many accidents. Last one was on Saturday. Limited pavements too. If its going to be 30MPH through Sutton Green then why not the stretch from Sutton Green to Westfield Road?

    Any pickets gates installed will need to be located away from existing bus stops and avoid installation on non-highway e.g. common land.

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