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Lib Dems call for rail fare freeze for Woking commuters

by willforster on 24 August, 2020

The Lib Dems and I are calling for the annual increase in rail fares to be cancelled, a move which would save commuters in Woking around £55 next year and stop the cost of a Woking to Waterloo season ticket reaching almost £3,500.

The call follows the announcement of July’s Retail Price Index – the figure normally used to calculate the increase in fares at the end of the year – showing inflation at 1.6%.

The Lib Dems argue that any increase in ticket prices will be a “slap in the face” for consumers when the Government should be trying to get people back onto sustainable forms of transport and investing to improve these vital services.

At a time when so many people are already stretched due to COVID-19, the Conservatives seem happy for commuters in Woking to face yet another hike in the price of their season tickets.

A freeze on fares would save commuters from Woking who work in London, £55 next year and potentially hundreds if the fare freeze was locked in until the next General Election.  Without a freeze, the cost of a season ticket will effectively rise to an unacceptable £3,500.

That’s why the Lib Dems and I are calling on the Government to keep costs down for commuters and to bring in new types of season ticket to suit more flexible working patterns.

Any plans to go ahead with a fare increase this year will be a slap in the face for consumers. Our railways are vital in the fight to tackle the climate emergency and cut air pollution. Rather than putting off commuters with yet another price hike, the Government must help the industry recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

The Lib Dems are calling for a freeze on fares until the next election, as well as for the Government to publish and implement the Rail Review and invest to increase capacity.

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