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Smarts Heath Road resurfacing

by willforster on 31 July, 2020

Surrey County Council will be resurfacing Smarts Heath Road in Mayford between Hook Hill Lane and Saunders Lane – including over the railway bridge – in mid August.

Anyone who has cycled or driven over the railway bridge knows this resurfacing is really needed, I am pleased the road is finally getting resurfaced not just pothole repairs.

Due to the road being very busy, the work will take place over 4 nights from Monday 17th August.  The resurfacing work will start at 8 pm and finish by 6 am, but thankfully for those that live nearby, the nosiest work will take place before midnight.


2 Responses

  1. Keith Wood says:

    Hi Will

    Whilst the resurfacing of the road over the railway bridge in Smart’s Heath road is welcome, the new phasing of the lights is not. Has something gone wrong or was this deliberate!? The long long waits are causing congestion already. Can we please have the quick, responsive phasing back please?

    • willforster says:

      Hello Keith,

      Following the resurfacing, the traffic signal detector loops have not been re-cut yet following the resurfacing, the signals are likely to be working on fixed time system as opposed to vehicle activated one.

      These loops need to be re-cut following all the resurfacing work, which has not yet been completed. The area near the bridge is going to be surfaced with an anti-skid treatment on the evening of 30th September. Once that is done the detector loops will be reinstated.

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