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Claremont Avenue resurfacing

by willforster on 1 July, 2020

Surrey County Council will resurface Claremont Avenue on Wednesday 8th July.

The Council originally hoped to resurface the road on 10th June, but had to postpone the work as a result of a sinkhole on Guildford Road.

Thankfully, the resurfacing work has been rescheduled.  The Council will commence work at 7 am, and should be finished by 6 pm, during that time the road will be closed.

The Council will also be doing surface sealing works on Friday 10th July.  This work involves spraying the new road surface with a bituminous material and it is done after the original surface treatment works to lock in the chips and turn the surface black.

The road will need to be closed for a short period and it cannot be driven on until it has dried, weather permitting it takes approximately 20 – 40 minutes to dry.

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