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Football Ground plans rejected by Woking Planning Committee

by willforster on 24 June, 2020

I am pleased to say that last night, Woking Council’s Planning Committee overwhelmingly voted to refuse plans to build 1,100 flats and a 9,000 capacity stadium at Woking Football Club’s ground in Kingfield and Westfield.

Following speeches against the proposals by a representative of the South Woking Action Group and local councillors, members of the Planning Committee agreed that the plans for 5 blocks of flats, up to 11 storeys high, would be inappropriate for the local area and would contravene planning policy.

Following a lengthy debate, eight members of the Planning Committee voted to refuse the proposed development.  No councillors voted in favour, one member abstained.  The Committee cited a list of reasons for refusal, including design and character; bulk and mass; housing mix; loss of light and overlooking neighbouring homes; insufficient parking.

After rejecting plans for the flats and the stadium for the Kingfield and Westfield area, the Planning Committee then also refused the one to relocate David Lloyd to Egley Road in Mayford.

I am hugely relieved these plans were rejected.  The development would have been completely inappropriate for the Kingfield and Westfield area, and it would have set an awful precedent in favour of tall buildings in villages across the Borough.

I want to say “well done” to the South Woking Action Group and all the local residents who gave up their time to make so many detailed objections.  I also want to thank the Planning Committee, who as a cross-party body, listened to the local people and agreed with them that these plans were unacceptable.


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  1. Alex Keep says:

    Hi Will

    Can we please follow up the Oversights Committee report on the £250m loan for this development. It is clear that the club will appeal but they won’t if the loan offer is withdrawn. The costs behind this development (& who paid for them – especially the ridiculous lying PR) should also be thoroughly investigated and, if WBC are found to have paid, then those responsible for this waste should be dismissed.



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