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Council agrees request to delay parking permit rise

by willforster on 31 March, 2020

Following my request, Surrey County Council has agreed to postpone its planned increase of residential parking permits due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The County Council wants to increase the cost of residential parking permits in Controlled Parking Zones, and was intending to advertise and consult the public on the increase in April and then implement the increase soon after that.  However, the consultation and increase will be postponed until after the coronavirus crisis has been resolved.

During today’s Cabinet meeting, the Council agreed to my request to delay the consultation regarding the cost of parking permits for as long as needed in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are currently struggling financially, and to increase the cost of being able to park outside their homes could be an unnecessary added burden.  It would have been completely unreasonable to consult the public on something so controversial when the news is rightly focused on coronavirus.

I am pleased the County Council has agreed to my request to abandon this increase and ease pressure on people’s finances.

The Council was seeking to increase the cost of buying a permit to park outside people’s homes by around 60%.  Currently, the cost of the first permit for a household is £50 per year, but would rise to £80.  Second permits will increase from £75 to £100, with any more permits costing £130. There will clearly be a debate on the fairness of this, but this will now happen after the coronavirus crisis.

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