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Limited garden waste collection to resume

by willforster on 17 September, 2021

Only a week after the Lib Dems launched our petition calling for remaining garden waste to be collected after the service was suspended, Woking Borough Council has confirmed a limited green waste collection will restart at the end of the month.

Joint Waste Solutions will start a reduced winter service that will collect every couple of months over winter – this should commence on 27th September.

The service will stop as usual over the Christmas and New Year holiday in anticipation of the increased recycling and residual waste generated at that time.

Residents who subscribe to the Council’s green waste service will be contacted in writing shortly about this and will have their subscription extended by six months next year once the service is back to normal.


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    Do you happen to know if they are also resuming the bulk collections as I’ve had a sofa in my front garden for the last month?

  2. Peter Moore says:

    I read your announcement with interest.I found it by accident from a link from the WBC website
    I live at Ashwood Court, Highclere Road which is a private block of 10 flats. Our garden is looked after by a gardener and we subscribe to the garden waste system with WBC.
    This service is currently suspended.
    You mention there will be a collection every couple of months commencing 27 September although I don’t know how we are advised of this, I have checked both Joint Waste Solutions and Amey’s wesites and there is no mention other than the service is suspended.
    Imagine my amazement when I saw a green unmarked collection lorry leaving Merchants Close (the entrance to our flats is in Merchants Close) having emptied what appears to be a single green bin belonging to 15 Merchants Close.
    This seems to be quite a waste, to send a lorry to collect green bins but it seems, only one household knew!
    Is it possible for the lorry to come back, maybe on 27th and only after it is widely advertised by JWS and Amey and the Council, so it will return fully laden (hopefully!)
    I will appreciate your comments.
    Kind Regards
    Peter Moore

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