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Resurfacing in Sutton Green

by willforster on 1 April, 2021

I am pleased to say Surrey County Council has agreed to resurface part of Blanchards Hill and all of Whitmoor Lane in May.

Both these Sutton Green roads are not in a good state and really need doing.  That is why next month, the Council will resurface all of Whitmoor Lane and the section of Blanchards Hill just south of the Woking Borough boundary. The Council and I will advertise the resurfacing dates when we know them.

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  1. b ashton says:

    Whilst the roads need resurfacing, it will increase the speed of the traffic which is more than dangerous. A lot of cars and motorbikes use Whitmoor Lane as a race track. We have asked numerous times for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph, and been refused. As a resident of Whitmoor Lane i often walk along the road and have to jump into a ditch to avoid speeding cars. Is someone to be killed before the speed limit is reduced, or lines drawn on the road to give the impression of a width limit? Something needs to be done and soon.

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