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Tips to get traffic marshals

by willforster on 27 March, 2021

Following long queues forming outside Community Recycling Centres, Surrey County Council is introducing traffic marshals to local tips from now until after the Easter weekend.

Traffic marshals will be on site at the Martyrs Lane and Slyfield centres from today until 11th April to help ease congestion.

At Martyrs Lane, the marshals will try to manage traffic on the A320 McLaren roundabout and facilitate access for residents to the tip.  In Slyfield, they will operate a one-way traffic system to stop conflicts occurring at the roundabout, keep access to businesses clear and enable collection vehicles to access the centre.

Hopefully, these marshals will reduce the queues we have seen in the last week.  For more information on the Community Recycling Centres, please see here.

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