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Lib Dem proposal forces Council to spend more on highway improvements

by willforster on 10 February, 2021

In the run up to Surrey County Council’s budget meeting, the Lib Dems and I set out our proposal for a £26 million Road Safety Fund.

We put together an alternative budget plan in response to the growing number of requests from the public to make roads safer. Whether this be junction changes, reductions in speed limits or the introduction of other road safety measures.  These together with other outstanding local highway schemes amount to around £50 million.

The reasoning behind our budget amendment was simple – the County Council gets a lot requests for road safety improvements, yet the Council is unable and unwilling to take on these requests.  The Council makes far too few road safety and transport improvements as it has not allocated sufficient money.

The County Council’s commendable Your Fund Surrey was meant to be for local people to lodge requests for community projects, but it has in fact had lots of requests for the Council to invest in its statutory services like transport improvements.

However, I am delighted to say that our amendment forced the Conservative administration’s hand, and they have now agreed to spend more on local highway schemes.  As a result, in the coming year we should see some much-needed improvements happen that make our roads safer.

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