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Lib Dems call for furlough extension as almost 3,000 people claim Universal Credit in Woking

by willforster on 22 September, 2020

The Lib Dems and I are calling for an extension of the Government’s furlough scheme until the jobs market is ready to bounce back in the wake of staggering job losses across the country.

With 2,940 people now relying on Universal Credit in Woking, the Lib Dems want to extend furlough scheme to help stop this crisis getting even worse and protect jobs for the future.

Despite the Chancellor promising last month to do “whatever it takes” to support households and businesses through the worst of the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has so far failed to agree a plan beyond the end of the furlough scheme on 31st October.

The Lib Dems and I have also warned some of the worst hit are the country’s self-employed workers, three million of which are still not covered by support.  The Party has called for support to be extended and urged the public to join its campaign to protect jobs.

With so many families in crisis, the Government should be doing everything in its power to protect jobs in Woking and right across the country.

The fact that almost 3,000 people are now relying Universal Credit in Woking shows exactly why the Chancellor must extend the furlough scheme, at least until the middle of next year.  McLaren has already announced that it is cutting 1,200 jobs.

Ministers need to act now to stop this crisis getting even worse and extend financial support for the millions of people currently excluded from the Government assistance.

We are seeing staggering job losses, even with the furlough scheme in place.  People have a right to expect that their Government will stand by them in exactly the way that Rishi Sunak promised when he said he would “do whatever it takes.”  The Lib Dems are clear that the Government must extend the furlough scheme until the jobs market is ready to bounce back.

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  1. Nigel Brodt-Savage says:

    Agreed but would it not be more constructive to also make proposals on how this would be funded moving forward?

    Alot of people are also going to be concerned about the cost of these programs.

    Not to be the one who argues nyet because of costs but, I believe a constructive approach to addressing these concerns will help prove to the uncertain that the party has a responsible fiscal policy as well as a heart and concern for the populace.

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