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Lib Dems call on Woking’s MP to support Government review on no-deal impact assessments in light of pandemic

by willforster on 23 June, 2020

The Lib Dems and I have called on Woking’s MP to back calls for a review of the no-deal Brexit impact assessments in light of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter addressed to Woking’s MP, Jonathan Lord, I wrote that: “as the Prime Minister continues to refuse to rethink his position on accepting an extension to the transition period, it is time the facts were laid bare about what this will mean for our country.”

The intervention coincides with the fourth anniversary of the EU referendum result this week, the 23rd of June.  Despite concerns, the Government formally rejected the option to extend the transition period earlier this month.

Even before coronavirus, the Government had a tight timetable for the Brexit talks.  As the Prime Minister continues to oppose extending the transition period, he must at least be honest about what this means for our country.

By reviewing the impact assessments done last Autumn, as well as undertaking an economic assessment, the Government can be transparent with the public about the consequence of refusing to extend the transition period.

Boris Johnson’s refusal to even consider requesting an extension to the Brexit transition as we face a global health and economic crisis shows he is putting his Brexit ideology before the UK’s national interest.

The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on jobs, businesses and the wider UK economy.  Tackling the coronavirus crisis must be the Conservative Government’s priority, and people have a right to know to what extent a no deal puts this at risk.

In the interests of everyone living across Woking, the Lib Dems and I are urging Woking’s MP to join us in calling for this review.

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