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Woking Walk In Centre under threat

by willforster on 8 February, 2020

NHS bosses are looking at plans that could involve the closure of the Walk In Centre at Woking Community Hospital.

Woking’s Walk In Centre is currently open 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, and provides a vital service to local people. The Walk In Centre is useful when patients cannot see their GP soon enough and helps reduce the burden on Hospital A&E Departments.

Despite this, NHS bosses are consulting on plans to change Walk In Centres across much of Surrey, including the option of closing Woking’s Walk In Centre. They want to move away from nurse led services like Walk In Centres and move instead towards doctor led services, despite the shortage of doctors.

The Lib Dems oppose these plans, we want to keep Woking’s Walk in Centres open.  In the recent election, we wanted to put a penny on Income Tax which would raise £6 billion a year for the NHS, and would stop the need for these cuts.

With all the development taking place in Woking, it would be foolish to close our key NHS facility.  It is difficult to travel, either by public or private transport, to get to St Peter’s – Woking’s Walk In Centre is a vital service to local people.

I really encourage local people to respond to the public consultation and urge the NHS to commit to keeping Woking’s Walk In Centre open.  Please respond here: www.nwsurreyccg.nhs.uk.


4 Responses

  1. John kidd says:

    The centre is vital to us all of us and must remain as it is today you must do all you can to keep it as it is

  2. Margaret Askew says:

    Such a vital and invaluable service that needs to be kept local.

  3. C.Cox says:

    The web address to send a reply to regarding the hospital is not being accepted.
    Regards Cliff Cox

  4. Colin Honey says:

    I have seen the NHS paper on ‘The Big Picture’ concerning the Walk in hospital and responded expressing concerns along the lines in your email

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