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Egley Road speed limit to be lowered

by willforster on 6 February, 2020

Surrey County Council has agreed to my request to lower the speed limit on Egley Road outside the Hoe Valley School.

The A320 between Mayford and Woking currently has a 40 mph speed limit.  However, following the opening of the new school, both the County Council and Police have agreed to lower the limit to 30 mph between the Mayford and Turnoak roundabouts.

An electronic Vehicle Activated Sign to warn drivers that the road’s speed limit is now 30 mph will be installed just north of the Hoe Valley School.  The speed limit on the nearby B380 Guildford Road, between the A320 and Westfield Road, will also be lowered.

I am delighted the speed limit of two busy roads in Mayford, especially outside the Hoe Valley School, will soon be lowered.  With the relatively new school now fully open, 40 mph is not appropriate or safe along these roads anymore.

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  1. Daren Allder says:

    This is good news for safety at Hoe Valley School and also for Barnsbury School, if a minor inconvenience for motorists. Not sure about the need to “warm” drivers though 🙂

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