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Lib Dems reject Council budget that puts vulnerable residents at risk

by willforster on 4 February, 2020

Earlier today, my Lib Dem colleagues and I voted against Surrey County Council’s proposed budget for 2020/21 as it would put services to vulnerable people at further risk. 

Almost every day I hear from families struggling with their child’s SEND needs or trying to get care packages for elderly relatives.  The County Council rations these services for vulnerable residents and this budget makes that worse.

At today’s Full Council meeting, the Lib Dems voiced our concerns that further planned cuts in social care, SEND and other essential services would cause further distress to families already having to cope with reduced services in those areas.  I think the County Council bears a heavy burden of responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable are most cherished and most safest.

The Lib Dems also questioned the reasoning behind requiring the fire service to saving an additional £1.5 million, when it is striving to recruit sufficient officers to achieve target response times.

The Council’s budget will result in more for less – more Council Tax thanks to a 3.99% rise and less services, especially for those that need help the most.

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