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Lib Dems launch national lobbying campaign urging Tory MPs to back WAB amendments

by willforster on 22 January, 2020

The Lib Dems have launched a national lobbying campaign urging Conservative MP’s to restore public faith in politics and back amendments in the House of Commons to protect the rights of EU citizens and child refugees in the UK.

As part of the campaign, I have written to Woking’s MP, Jonathan Lord, asking him to support local European nationals and honour Woking’s proud history of helping refugees by voting for the amendments.

The campaign was launched after Lib Dems in the House of Lords handed Boris Johnson his first parliamentary defeat since the election by passing three amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, including on the rights of EU citizens and child refugees in the UK.

The amendments will now return to the House of Commons today.  Despite Number 10 confirming Tory MPs will be whipped to overturn the defeats, the Lib Dems has written an open letter to Conservative MPs urging them to vote in line with commitments made in their manifesto and back the amendments.

Party officials are also mobilising their 100,000 strong members and supporters base by urging them to write and tweet their MPs to back the amendments. 

I think EU citizens living in the UK are our friends and our families, our carers and our colleagues.  But they have been living under a cloud of uncertainty ever since the referendum.

All Lib Dems are asking from Tory MPs is to vote in line with commitments made in their own manifesto and protect the rights of millions of people who contribute so much to our society, our economy and our communities.

It is heart-breaking, frankly, that Conservative MPs are also expected to vote against offering sanctuary to child refugees.  These are children who have been forced to flee their homes and separated from their families.  Woking has a proud record on refugees, whether it be with the Ockenden Venture or more recently helping Syrian refugees to settle here.

Boris Johnson talks about bringing the country together, but his approach seems designed to divide it even further.  I am hoping there at least some Tory MPs left who will search their conscience and back these amendments today.

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