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Lib Dems to fund 24 more police officers across Woking

by willforster on 6 December, 2019

The Lib Dems have announced plans to fund at least 24 police officers across Woking Constituency as part of an extra £1 billion nationwide investment into community policing.

This commitment amounts to 20,000 more police officers across England and Wales, enough for an extra two officers per ward.  The Lib Dems will also fund an immediate 2% pay-rise for serving police officers.

Lib Dem plans stand in stark contrast to Labour and the Conservatives, who have made big promises on police numbers, but have failed to commit the funding needed to deliver them. 

At the same time, Lib Dems are warning that Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans risk letting hundreds of criminals to escape justice in Surrey, after analysis revealed the extent to which UK police rely on vital EU crime-fighting measures.

The Surrey’s police forces and prosecutors have used the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) to bring over 302 criminal fugitives to justice over the past five years, the analysis reveals.

The EAW allows the speedy extradition of wanted criminals, but senior police have warned that the UK risks losing access to the scheme because of Brexit.

Too many people feel unsafe in their own homes and walking down their own streets. With entire communities feeling exposed and vulnerable, both the Tories and Labour are claiming to offer solutions but the sums just don’t add up.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s reckless Brexit threatens to cut the UK off from vital crime-fighting tools that the police use every day to keep us safe. His plans mean that hundreds of criminals in Surrey could remain at large, threatening the safety of our community.”

Only the Lib Dems have a bold and credible plan to increase the number of police across Woking.  The Lib Dems are committing £1 billion nationwide investment per year to fund this – that’s £250 million more than Labour or the Tories.

The Lib Dems are the only party willing to back our bobbies with money, not just words.  We are the only party that can stop Brexit, make our communities safe and build a brighter future.

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