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World Mental Health Day

by willforster on 10 October, 2019

I was pleased to visit Woking Mind earlier – as it is World Mental Health Day.

Woking Mind, which I am President of, hosted a cake and conversation event to mark World Mental Health Day that takes place on Thursday 10th October.  The day aimed to help people find simple ways to strike a conversation using flashcards, affirmations and games.

World Mental Health Day is a reminder to everyone that we need to keep conversations going about mental health to increase empathy and help end the stigma that remains about the illness.

Despite mental health services being under the spotlight, it still is the Cinderella service of our NHS, which is why the work that Woking Mind does is absolutely criticial to fill in the gaps.  With demand for support increasing, Woking Mind is becoming more reliant on the kindness of the local community and business.

World Mental Health Day is a global awareness day and an opportunity for everyone to think about how to take care of their own mental health.  With 1 in 4 people suffering with a mental health problem at some point in their lives, building social connections is one way of keeping yourself well.  Evidence shows that good relations with friends, family, colleagues and the wider community are important for our mental wellbeing

Woking Mind run a rolling programme of monthly activities to help support the recovery of adults living with enduring mental health problems.  The activities aim to help foster self-esteem and independence, as well as help build friendships in a safe and supportive environment – it is nice to take some time out from politics to support Woking Mind.

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