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A trough full of trophies for garden winners

by willforster on 6 October, 2018

I was pleased to congratulate and thank the Borough’s gardening champions last week at the annual Woking in Bloom and Allotment Awards.

The annual Woking in Bloom Awards are open to residents, business and schools, and, along with the Allotment Awards, there are categories to cover all aspects of gardening, from pots to plots.  All winners and runners up received certificates and prizes of garden centre gift vouchers and trophies.

It was my pleasure to present the Woking in Bloom Awards and celebrate Woking’s green fingered residents for their contribution to making the Borough a beautiful, welcoming place.  On a personal note, it was really nice to give my late Grandmother’s old home, Consort Court in York Road, an award.  It is never easy to choose the winners and as always, the judges were impressed by the standards seen across the board.

I would like to express my thanks to everyone who took part this year and congratulations to the winners – I hope that these awards inspire others to get out and start growing!

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