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Road resurfacing in south Woking

by willforster on 2 October, 2018

I am pleased to report that I have got Surrey County Council to agree to resurface quite a few roads in my part of Woking over the next two months.

After some considerable lobbying, the County Council has agreed to completely resurface Claremont Avenue and Triggs Lane, and resurface the worst sections of Bonsey Lane, Guildford Road, Honeypots Road and Vicarage Road.

Although Claremont Avenue and Triggs Lane are not falling apart like many local roads, several utility companies have done work on them over the years and resurfacing both of them will bring these key roads up to a good standard.

With budgets very tight at County Hall, I could not get the County Council to resurface every road in my Woking South division I wanted – so I am making sure resurfacing takes place where it is really needed.

Firstly, as many local residents in Westfield are aware, the entrance of Bonsey Lane is in an appalling state with potholes regularly appearing. Thankfully, the County Council has agreed it is a waste of time and money to keep repairing potholes, when it should just completely resurface the entrance.

There is also a part of Guildford Road, between Claremont Avenue and Moorholme, that is completely failing part and this small section of the A320 will be resurfaced soon as well.  The entrance to Honeypots Road in Mayford is also in a poor state and now on the Council’s resurfacing list.  Finally, the part of Vicarage Road opposite The Moorlands will also be resurfaced.

Although resurfacing work always causes some disruption for people, all these roads really need resurfacing and I am sure the short-term disruption with be worth it.  The Council’s highways contractor Kier has not yet confirmed when the work will take place, but all the above roads should be done by the end of November.

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