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Mayor to Sleep Out in Woking

by willforster on 8 September, 2018

On 29th September, the Mayoress and I will be sleeping out on the streets in Woking town centre as part of the York Road Project’s ‘Sleep Out’.

With only a sleeping bag and some cardboard each, my partner Hannah and I will be bedding down in the open air without a comfy mattress, thick duvet or roof over our heads – and try to get some sleep.

By spending a night out in the open with a team of staff and volunteers from the York Road Project, I am hoping to get a tiny glimpse into the world of a rough sleeper and bring to life the experience of being homeless in Woking.

We are only sleeping rough for one night, and one night is nothing compared to what homeless people have to put up with, this sleep out is mainly about increasing awareness – and raising much needed funding to support the Project’s work.

The York Road Project and I are seeking to reduce, if not completely eradicate rough sleeping in Woking, please help us by donating what you can via our Just Giving page.

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