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Lib Dems call for inquiry after Surrey County Council apologises for failings in Parsons Green bomb case

by willforster on 28 March, 2018

The Surrey Lib Dem Group have called for a review of the County Council’s admitted failings in the Parsons Green bomb incident.  Ahmed Hassan, 18, was convicted of attempted murder on 16th March 2018. He had been placed in foster care in Sunbury by Surrey County Council since the summer of 2016.

We have called on the Leader of the Council to commit the Council to conduct a review into the County Council’s role in this case, and for the findings to be published alongside any recommendations following an inquiry along the lines of a serious case review – the Leader of the Council has already agreed to consider this request.

This was an incredibly serious incident that deserves a high level of scrutiny as hundreds of people could have been killed and injured if this attack had been successful.  The County Council should be totally transparent about learning the lessons from it and trying to make sure that it does not happen again.

The Lib Dems and I expected a statement to have been made by the Leader of the Council at the Council meeting last week, to update Councillors and the public as to how the County Council would be addressing the concerns raised by this case.  I hope that the Leader of the Council agrees to set up a review as a matter of urgency so that the County Council can learn the lessons of this serious incident and implement any necessary changes as quickly as possible.

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