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Success as Surrey County Council agrees new support for care leavers

by willforster on 24 March, 2018

My Lib Dem colleagues at County Hall and I are celebrating after a package of measures to support care leavers was adopted by Surrey County Council earlier this week.

As part of a new Charter unanimously agreed by the County Council, young care leavers will be exempted from Council Tax, as well as given support with continuing education, managing a household and work skills.

I am pleased that the Council unanimously supported my proposal to make life better for care leavers in Surrey.  As corporate parents, us Councillors need to do everything we can to try to make the start of their transition to adult life is as smooth as possible.  Aside from the other measures proposed, taking care leavers out of Council Tax will make a huge difference to their lives and give them a sound financial footing in their new life, rather than putting them in danger of falling into debt.

The County Council is a corporate parent to children across Surrey and it is one of the most important duties we have to discharge as a local authority.  This Charter could help change the lives of care leavers and I will work closely with the County Council and borough councils across Surrey to make sure that it is a success.  Our children deserve no less.

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