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Woking Police Station to close

by willforster on 15 March, 2018

Surrey’s Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner, David Munro announced last week that he intends to close the Police stations in Reigate and Woking, and move Surrey Police’s HQ from Mount Browne in Guildford to a new location in Mole Valley.

The Police say they can cut costs by completely closing their bases in Reigate and Woking, and moving to a newer HQ.  Police staff currently in Woking’s Police Station would move to Guildford Police Station and Woking Borough Council’s offices.

The local Lib Dems and I are very disappointed that Woking looks set to lose its Police Station.  We think a town and borough the size of Woking needs its own Police Station, we need a sizable Police presence locally.

The Tory Police and Crime Commissioner’s decision to close Woking Police Station was taken without any public consultation or consultation with local Councillors.  This decision comes at a time when residents are very concerned about reductions in Police patrols and when the Police’s share of our Council Tax is rising by 5.3%.

Woking’s Police Station provides a vital link between the Police and members of the public, who pay for the Police.  By closing Woking’s Police Station, the Police would become more remote from the people they should be to serving.  The Police are a public service and residents are being asked year-on-year to pay more to sustain it.

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  1. jim says:

    Dear Mr Forster,

    No need to increase local taxes with the Bradbury Pound and Sovereign National Credit. Government-of-the-day prints its own money backed by the credit (worth) of the nation
    See free e-book What Exactly is Austerity? Answer it’s just a huge provable lie by Justin Walker 67pp
    Pages 22 – 38 if you are busy. You will see other versions.
    Pity you didn’t respond to my e-mail of 8th Feb, as you would have had a chance to grasp its meaning and mentioned it at the Christ Church debate Sat 17th Why are People Living in Poverty in Britain today?
    Let me know if you want to talk – about 20/30 mins – Woking Library, say? (Middayish Mon/weds)

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