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Incinerators in Surrey?

by willforster on 27 February, 2018

The Conservatives running Surrey County Council have proposed up to six new incinerators as part of the Council’s draft new waste plan including one on Martyrs Lane in Woking and another at Slyfield in Guildford.

The Surrey Waste Plan, proposes up to six new incinerators or ‘Energy from Waste’ plants – all on Green Belt land.  The County Council is suggesting that an Energy from Waste plant could be built next door to the Community Recycling Centres in Martyrs Lane and Slyfield – and the Lyne Lane facility in Chertsey.  The Council also wants to earmark land that used to be former sewage treatment works in Earlswood, Leatherhead and Walton-on-Thames, Trumps Farm in Longcross, a site in South Godstone and a farm in Stanwell as potential incinerator sites.

Mass-burn incineration is the most environmentally damaging way we could get rid of our waste, so I am very disappointed and surprised that the Tories at County Hall are thinking of going down this route – ‘vote blue, go green’ saying that David Cameron used to push is clearly dead and buried now.

There will clearly be huge opposition to any new incinerators and building them will be extremely expensive – so it will be difficult for the County Council to justify building several Energy from Waste plants at the same time as cutting funding for social care, road repairs and libraries.  However, finances maybe the reason the Council is suggesting this.  Could the Tories plan to cope with County Hall’s financial problems be to burn the rest of the country’s waste in Surrey to generate income?

Moreover – at last night’s Woking Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Ray Morgan, the Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council suggested that all waste made in Woking should not leave the Borough – namely that an incinerator should be built to burn Woking’s waste.

It is very strange for Woking Council to get involved in this, as waste disposal is the responsibility of the County Council not borough and district authorities, so I really question why Ray Morgan suggested this.  Is Woking Council looking building an incinerator itself or encourage Surrey County Council to built one in Woking?

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  1. John says:

    Ray Morgan has previously tried to put an Incinerator into Woking. At that time it was a gasification incinerator. He kept telling the Council that Gasification was not an incinerator even though the EU defined it as so.

    The last time this happened the Conservative Council tried to push this through as a cross party project. There was so much objection at the time that, from what I recall, Libdems got voted in and dropped it.

    Ray Morgan, in my view, has always tried to use Woking money to try what every green project he fancies. (He will try to sell the incinerator as green..)

    There was the Leisure center heating system. With this I saw speaking in front of an audience and laughing saying that if he had the option to do this again, he wouldn,t.

    There were energy projects in Milton Keynes (believe there still is) which were going to offer big short term profits that didn’t. (I recall at the time he suppressed a PWC audit from the public. One wonders why)

    There was the Woking canopy that went up and came down.

    When Woking had money he decied to form an ESCO which should have been 20% Woking %80 private companies. The private company had issues and the share had to be bought back by Woking. Funnily enough when this all was failing I think he was visited by Charles who was told how well this was all going. Then he got an OBE.

    There was also some bridge that at that time that went all wrong.

    With all of this I recently saw a televised Council meeting where a Councillor put the question to Ray Morgan as to how much debt Woking had. Morgan was furious and suggested that this sort of questioning should be done in private….

    So all in all Ray Morgan is doing well, but is Woking?

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