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Ray Morgan: Woking Council Chief Executive or Tory Spin Doctor?

by willforster on 13 February, 2018

My Lib Dem colleagues and I have accused Ray Morgan, the Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council, of acting as a spin doctor when he offered to write the local Conservatives’ literature in the forthcoming local elections, despite senior Council staff being required to be politically neutral.

The Chief Executive’s offer was meant to be solely for the Tory Leader of Council, but Ray Morgan accidentally copied this to a member of the public who sent the correspondence to the Woking Advertiser and Get Surrey.

On behalf of the Lib Dem Group on Woking Council, Ann-Marie Barker – the Lib Dem Group Leader has asked the Council’s lawyer to advise if Ray Morgan has breached Council rules including the Council Officers’ Protocol.  It is unacceptable for the Chief Executive to become a spin doctor for the Conservative Party.

Ray Morgan has every right to supply information and facts to Conservative Councillors, he regularly offers to give advice to opposition Councillors as well, but he has crossed the line here in offering material for political purposes and that could suggest he is favouring one political party over another and not maintaining the neutral political stance required by his office.

We now need to wait and see what the Council’s legal and monitoring officer has to say.

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