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1,137 ambulance delays at St Peter’s and Royal Surrey so far this winter

by willforster on 12 January, 2018

1,137 patients have faced waits of half-an-hour or more in ambulances outside the Accident and Emergency Departments that serve Woking so far this winter – of these, 247 faced waits of over an hour.

In the week to 31st December, 450 patients at St Peter’s Hospital and 440 at Royal Surrey County Hospital faced waits of between half an hour and an hour, 144 people waited at least an hour in ambulances outside St Peter’s and 103 waited over an hour to get into the Royal Surrey – meaning 594 patients had significant delays in an ambulance outside St Peter’s and 543 people were left outside the Royal Surrey for 30 minutes or more.

Analysis also shows that local hospitals are suffering from dangerously high bed occupancy rates.  Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital Trust had occupancy rates of over 99% on 4 days this winter and was at least 95% full on 27 days.  The Royal Surrey faired better with occupancy rates of at least 95% on 14 days since 20th November.  This is way above the recommended maximum level of 85% bed occupancy that experts say must be maintained to protect patient safety.

The Lib Dems are calling for a penny on Income Tax for the NHS and social care, which would raise £6 billion a year, around £76 million of which would go to the NHS in Surrey based on current allocations.

I think these figures show the NHS crisis in Surrey is worsening.  Over a thousand patients are being left stuck in ambulances outside our local A&Es while several hospitals are suffering from a severe lack of beds.  Every ambulance stuck outside an A&E department could well be needed by another patient waiting desperately at home for help.

Each day seems to bring yet more bad news about the state of the health service, the blame for this lies firmly at the Government’s door.  Ministers refused to provide the funding that top NHS officials said was necessary and now patients are paying the price.

The Lib Dems will give the NHS and care the extra cash they desperately need by putting a penny on Income Tax, which would raise  £76 million a year for health services in Surrey alone.

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