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Surrey County Council heads towards a £19 million overspend

by willforster on 9 January, 2018

My fellow Lib Dem County Councillors and I have criticised Surrey County Council’s plan to set aside income derived from property acquisitions into further property speculation rather than investing in services.  According to the latest budget figures, the County Council is facing an overspend of £19 million in the current financial year but is planning to set aside £3.8 million of income generated from property to invest in more property, rather than take the pressure off council services which are facing cuts of £104 million pounds this year.

The Conservative Administration at County Hall has said all along that the reason the Council is investing millions in commercial property across the country is to generate revenue which will protect council services in the future.  Given the huge cuts that the Tories are making this year, I am surprised to see income from the Council’s property investments being set aside for more property investment rather than alleviating the huge financial strain on vital services to Surrey residents.

Millions of pounds worth of cuts have been made by the ruling Conservatives to services for vulnerable and disabled adults, people with learning disabilities, community recycling centres, street lights and there is much more to come.  The Lib Dems and I want the administration to put this money into protecting services for Surrey residents, rather than investing more public money in commercial property hundreds of miles from Surrey.

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