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Lib Dems call for scrutiny investigation over Surrey County Council pay off to Virgin Care

by willforster on 22 December, 2017

My Lib Dem colleagues and I have called for a scrutiny investigation following the disclosure that Surrey County Council have paid an undisclosed sum to Virgin Care, following legal proceedings over the awarding of a health contract.

Virgin Care sued the County Council, alongside six Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Surrey, citing “serious flaws” in the way the procurement of a contract to provide children’s and young people’s community health care services was conducted.  One CCG inadvertently disclosed that its liability in the case was £328,000 but references to this amount have now been removed from its public finance report.

It appears likely that the County Council have paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds to Virgin Care, but Surrey residents will never the know how much public money was used to settle this case.  This is money that could have been used to fund vital public services, which are already being cut by the Conservative-administration at County Hall, rather than settle expensive legal disputes.

Therefore – the Lib Dems and I are calling for a scrutiny investigation into what the grounds for the dispute were, how the County Council interacted with the CCGs with regard to the procurement and what went wrong, and for more transparency on the amount of public money that the County Council has spent with regard to this case.

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