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Tory cuts to hit Community Recycling Centres across Surrey

by willforster on 3 October, 2017

My Lib Dem colleagues and I are very disappointed following last week’s decision by the Conservative Cabinet on Surrey County Council to slash the opening hours of Community Recycling Centres across the county and increase charges for residents.

The decision will see Community Recycling Centres close for an extra 20 days a week, as well as an end to the free daily allowance.  The tip most of my local residents use, the one at Slyfield Industrial Estate, will close two days a week – namely Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Cabinet decision follows a petition handed in by Lib Dem campaigners of 3,245 signatures, plus an enormous response to the County Council’s own consultation of 13,637 people.

The Lib Dem Councillor who leads on environmental issues, addressed the Tory Cabinet in order to object to these ill thought out proposals and to hold the administration to account for their decisions.

Although the Council is clearly in a difficult financial position – imposed upon it by Central Government – only just 3 months ago, in June, the Cabinet were out campaigning for that Government’s return and must therefore carry equal responsibility for the refusal of that Government to ensure adequate funding for this Council to maintain services to its residents.

Community Recycling Centres were a success story – they provided residents with a helpful and convenient method of disposing of waste, they helped Councils to improve their waste collections, they made a major contribution to improving our environment and they were a significant deterrent to fly tipping.  I believe, as do the majority of residents, that the remaining package including the increased charges and closure days are self-defeating and unacceptable and am fearful that the reduced waste collections will lead to damage to the environment and increased fly tipping.  Residents deserve so much better than this.

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