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Lib Dems highlight ‘unsafe’ care homes in Surrey

by willforster on 21 July, 2017

My Lib Dem colleagues and I have expressed concern after it was revealed that 6 care homes in Surrey are rated as ‘Unsafe’ by the Care Quality Commission and have contracts with Surrey County Council.

The County Council recently stated that it does not send new residents to care homes that have received the poor rating, and puts in place an action plan to improve care homes which receive the rating and have existing Surrey residents.

It should concern us all that we have Surrey residents receiving care packages paid for by the County Council, but living in accommodation which is rated as “Unsafe” by the Care Quality Commission.  One of the County Council’s corporate priorities is for residents to ‘live and age well’, and it is not possible to age well in an environment that has been deemed unsafe by a national regulator.

The Lib Dems and I have called for the County Council to urgently tackle this issue by working with care homes to ensure that no Surrey resident in receipt of a care package paid for by the County Council is living in a home that has been rated as unsafe.

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