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Lib Dems launch petition to protect Surrey’s tips

by willforster on 18 July, 2017

The Lib Dems have launched a petition to save four Community Recycling Centres earmarked for closure by the Conservative administration at County Hall after a huge outcry from local residents.  Our petition also calls for the County Council to scrap plans to reduce the opening times of every tip in the county by 2 days per week and increase the charge for residents disposing of waste.

The Lib Dems and I are calling for local residents to show their support for our well-used and highly regarded community recycling facilities by signing this petition and completing the Council’s online consultation.  We need to show that the people of Surrey will not be taken for granted by an out of touch Tory administration which rides roughshod over the wishes of its residents, who are hugely concerned about the potential increase in fly-tipping, the damage to the Surrey environment and the extra costs this would incur.

Before the Council elections in May, the Conservatives at County Hall boasted that they had passed a budget that protected vital services for Surrey residents – but nothing could be further from the truth as they are now implementing a programme of huge cuts and blaming everybody but themselves.  We need to save and invest in our community recycling centres as they help residents do the right thing by recycling their waste and helping to protect Surrey’s environment.

Please sign our petition here.

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