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Trains 15% later in just a single year

by willforster on 12 July, 2017

Data released today shows that in just a single year trains are running later and people are having to wait 15% longer than a year ago – and it will not come as a surprise to local commuters, but South West Trains was one of the worst offenders seeing a 25.4% increase in late trains.

The research from Network Rail shows that in 2015 the average wait for a train was 2.58 minutes which then a year later increased to virtually 3 minutes.  Most industry insiders use ‘right-time data’ – which is recording trains that arrive more than one minute later than scheduled.

Average lateness measures the average lateness of a passenger as they alight from their train.  It is calculated for each train by multiplying the number of passengers expected to alight at main stations by the punctuality to the nearest minute at those stops.  If a train is cancelled, Network Rail multiply the number of expected passengers by 1.5 times the service frequency on that route.  Average lateness does not account for the effect of missed connections.

Declining performances continue to show that the whole rail system is creaking under the strain.  People are deterred from travelling by train, just at a crucial time for our air quality and when we need to get more traffic off the roads.  Moreover, commuters into London Waterloo will have to put up with significant cancellations and delays in August.

We as a society should be encouraging more people to take up train travel and the Government could provide some assurances by introducing the Rail Ombudsman from their election manifesto.

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