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Surrey Tories plan to axe £2.8 million from housing support to the most vulnerable in the county

by willforster on 5 July, 2017

My Lib Dem colleagues and I have expressed deep concerns over plans by Surrey County Council to axe £2.8 million of the support it gives to the most vulnerable residents to support their housing needs.

The County Council has launched a consultation on the proposals which if enacted would reduce the Housing Related Support budget by 70% or £2.8 million.  Currently 4,477 people receive help but the Council proposes to withdraw all support from those who do not qualify for assistance under the Care Act.

Housing Related Support is a lifeline – it helps people to cope and manage in their own homes, and supports those with mental health issues or people recovering from addiction with everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Furthermore, it saves money by helping people before problems start to escalate and so preventing a more expensive intervention further down the line.

These proposed cuts would hurt some of the most vulnerable people in Surrey and so I hope the Council will drop these proposals.  Central Government clearly has the funds to help Northern Ireland to the tune of £1 billion – we desperately need better funding so that we can protect these essential services for vulnerable Surrey residents.

If you agree with me, tell the County Council not to cut this service via the consultation here.

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