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£1 billion DUP deal could have paid for 59 teachers in Surrey

by willforster on 29 June, 2017

The Conservative Government’s £1 billion deal with the DUP could have paid for at least one extra teacher for every secondary school across the UK, including 59 more teachers in Surrey, research by the Lib Dems has revealed.

Official figures show there are 4,169 state-funded secondary schools in the UK and that the average cost of employing a teacher is £44,500.  This means if the additional £1 billion had been distributed evenly among the UK’s schools, each would receive £240,000, enough to hire one additional teacher over the next five years.

This would have meant an additional £13.2 million of spending on schools in Surrey, enough to hire 59 teachers, or more than one extra teacher for every secondary school in the area.

The £1 billion Theresa May has spent on her deal with the DUP could have been spent employing 59 extra secondary school teachers in Surrey.  When it comes to the Tories clinging to power, it seems the magic money tree does exist after all.

This simply will not wash with parents in Woking and right across Surrey are seeing their schools lay off teachers as a result of crippling cuts – the Conservatives must start investing more in our schools and not just on keeping Theresa May in Downing Street.

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