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Surrey County Council reveals plans to axe recycling centres

by willforster on 21 June, 2017

The Conservatives running Surrey County Council have announced plans to close four Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

These plans follow on from the introduction of hugely unpopular charges to use the CRCs last year which were forced through by the Tory Cabinet, despite widespread opposition by residents and the Lib Dem opposition.

The County Council has today launched a public consultation on changes to CRCs, but the administration has stated that its preferred proposals are to:

  • Permanently close four smaller CRCs – Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham,
  • End the free daily allowance of non-household waste,
  • Close CRCs on two weekdays so all sites are open for five days a week,
  • Restrict users of vans, trailers and pick-ups to larger CRCs only,
  • And ensure CRCs in Camberley and Farnham are only used by Surrey residents.

These proposals are a green light for flytipping in Surrey.  The Conservatives at County Hall are making it harder and harder for people to do the right thing and dispose of their waste responsibly.  The environmental consequence of discouraging the use of recycling centres would be very significant.

Moreover, these plans are being pushed by the local Tories because of the financial crisis at County Hall caused by their failure to persuade their colleagues up the road in Westminster and Whitehall to provide a better funding settlement.

Last time Surrey Council consulted on charges and reduced hours for CRCs, residents told them loud and clear that they did not want them – but the Conservatives then ignored them and introduced charges anyway.  I fear that this is a similar meaningless consultation.

The Lib Dems and I are totally opposed to these planned closures and urge residents to make their voices heard to tell this out of touch and arrogant County Council exactly what they think of their proposals – please respond to the consultation here.

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