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Why you should vote for me today

by willforster on 8 June, 2017

Since the snap General Election was called, I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people across Woking – whether that’s from knocking on doors, attending hustings, or people recognising me whilst I am out food shopping.

I have met so many people, from first time voters to lifelong Conservatives, who are unhappy with our current Government.  Whether it is cuts to the police force, the struggling NHS, nurses being forced to use food banks, or the Hard Brexit agenda – people are angry.  This is not the direction they want Britain to go in.

That is why I am asking people to vote for me today.

I have lived in Woking for more than twenty years, and I have always worked my hardest to support the people who live here in my capacity as a local councillor.  I would be privileged to serve as the Member of Parliament for my hometown.

Therefore, if you want a strong, liberal and local voice standing up for Woking, then please lend me your vote today – I promise I will spend the next 5 years making sure you do not regret it.

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