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Theresa May is snatching lunches from over 350 children living in poverty in Woking

by willforster on 1 June, 2017

Up to 354 children living in poverty across Woking Constituency will have their lunches taken away under Theresa May’s plans to abolish universal free school lunches for infants, Lib Dem research has revealed.  In total 6,125 children in Surrey are set to lose out under the plans.

Those families losing out are expected to have to pay around £440 per child per year for their school lunches.

The Lib Dems have also calculated that under Conservative costings of just under 7 pence per child’s breakfast, each child could expect to receive either half a boiled egg, one slice of bread with 12 baked beans or 37.5 cornflakes and 100ml of semi-skimmed milk.

Theresa May’s cruel policy will mean 354 children living in poverty in Woking Constituency will lose out on free school lunches.  This will mean greater inequality and struggling families having to pay hundreds of pounds on lunches a year.

The Tories’ promise of a free breakfast is cynical and clearly not designed to reach all children.  They have set aside a meagre 7p per breakfast per child, the price of half a boiled egg or just one slice of bread with 12 baked beans.

The Lib Dems and I will stand up against this mean-spirited vision of Britain and extend free school lunches to all primary school children.

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