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Lib Dems campaign to scrap dementia tax which would hit all homes in Woking

by willforster on 22 May, 2017

100% of homes in Woking could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May’s so-called ‘dementia tax’ – and as I wrote the other day, the average Surrey household could be forced to pay £337,726 for their social care if they suffer from dementia.

That is why the Lib Dems and I have urged residents, irrespective of their party affiliation, to join a campaign to stop the Conservative social care plans which would saddle those with long-term illnesses with crippling care costs after their death.

Instead of the Tory plans, the Lib Dems are calling for a penny on income tax to boost funding for the NHS and social care by £6 billion a year, as well as a £72,000 cap to protect people from crippling care costs – a much fairer way to deal with social care.

Caring for our elderly should be above party politics and that is why I want to urge anyone who opposes these plans to come together to stop them.  Every elderly person who needs care should receive it in the best place for them.

People should not have to worry about losing everything they have worked hard for to pay for crippling care costs.  Together we can stop the so-called ‘dementia tax’ and put in place a cap on the cost of care.

Despite Theresa May’s clarification come U-turn today, even she said ‘nothing has changed’.  The Conservatives still want to take older people’s homes to fund social care, the party’s manifesto makes no mention of any cap on costs.  Families deserve to know exactly how much of their homes would be up for grabs now, not after the election.

If you agree, please join our scrap the dementia tax here.

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