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Surrey Conservatives forced to scrap unnecessary £192,000 Cabinet Associate posts

by willforster on 12 May, 2017

My Lib Dem colleagues at County Hall and I have welcomed the news that the Conservative administration on Surrey County Council has finally agreed to scrap the 4 Cabinet Associate posts which have so far cost the taxpayer nearly two hundred thousand pounds since they were introduced.

The Lib Dems have consistently called for these posts to be scrapped and for the money saved to be used on front line services, rather than on excessive allowances for Tory County Councillors.

The roles that will end are: Cabinet Associate for Children, Schools & Families, Cabinet Associate for the Built Environment, Cabinet Associate for Adult Social Care, Wellbeing and Independence and Cabinet Associate for Community Safety Services.

I am pleased that these posts have been scrapped but disappointed that it has taken several years for the Conservative-administration at County Hall to realise that these roles were a waste of money.  At a time of tight financial constraints for the County Council, it is vital that every penny is spent wisely and it was clearly not possible for the Leader of the Council to be able to justify the rationale for these posts any longer.

The cost of the 4 cabinet associate posts was just over £50,000 in 2016/17, at a time when the administration was cutting services, introducing fees for using the tip and raising Council Tax – no wonder only 39% of Surrey residents agreed that the Council provided value for money.  The Lib Dems and I will continue to hold the ruling Tories to account and highlight examples of wasteful spending and where we think efficiencies could be made.

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