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Woking Council puts affordable housing in Aldershot

by willforster on 9 December, 2015

Woking Borough Council and its housing company, Thameswey Housing, are seeking to provide affordable housing in Aldershot.

The Council and its company are planning to spend £6.1 million to build 24 homes in Reading Road, Aldershot.

The lack of affordable housing is a huge issue in Woking, Surrey and much of the country- so I think it is great that Borough Council are going to provide new affordable homes, but we need affordable housing in Woking, not Aldershot.

It is appallingly that when the Conservatives running Woking Council do – begrudgingly and eventually – invest in affordable housing, it is not in Woking.  The Tories just don’t seem to care about making housing affordable and helping ordinary people.

The Council has given planning permission for hundreds of executive homes – worth half a million pounds each – and these are currently being built around the borough in Brookwood Farm, Kingsmoor Park and Westfield Avenue.  The Council’s plans for Sheerwater would also mean hundreds more executive homes would be built.  Yet there is no room for affordable housing, which has to be put in Aldershot.

The Conservatives are trying to gentrify Woking and push out poorer residents, in this case to Aldershot.  This is appalling and needs to be stopped.

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