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Surrey County Council has recently revealed that almost £67 million of public money has been spent on buying properties outside the county, using its property company called Halsey Garton Property Limited. The properties purchased with funding from the Conservative-run Council were mainly warehouses situated in locations such as Bristol, Salford, Wiltshire and Worksop.  The most […]

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Conservative-run Surrey County Council has agreed to hike adult social care charges by over £1 million for disabled and vulnerable residents. The new charges are due to take effect from 3rd October 2016, despite a consultation which showed strong opposition to the plans by local residents and disability groups. Up until 3rd October, residents in […]

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The Tory Tip Tax

by willforster on 1 September, 2016

As of today, Surrey County Council will be charging residents a ‘Tory Tip Tax’ if they bring non-household rubbish like construction and DIY waste to Community Recycling Centres. My Lib Dem colleagues and I have been battling these plans for over a year and warned the Conservative-run Council that their plans to charge the public […]

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Elm Nursery

by willforster on 26 August, 2016

Earlier this month, Surrey County Council’s Planning Committee approved plans for a wood waste facility at Elm Nursery in Sutton Green. Redwood Tree Services sought planning permission to change the use of part of the Elm Nursery site off Sutton Green Road, from agriculture use to instead allow the importation, storage, processing and transfer of […]

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Local authorities need to do better on complaints

by willforster on 9 August, 2016

The Local Government Ombudsman has recently received a worrying amount of complaints from residents about our two local authorities. In the last year, the Local Government Ombudsman received a shocking 167 complaints about Surrey County Council and 12 complaints about Woking Borough Council. I think it is just not good enough that 179 local people […]

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Hill View Road resurfacing

by willforster on 8 July, 2016

Surrey County Council will be resurfacing Hill View Road from Thursday 21st July. I understand the work should take 5 days, with resurfacing work only taking place between Monday to Friday and 7 am to 5 pm.  The road will be closed to through traffic whilst the resurfacing has started, but local residents will be able to […]

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The Iraq Inquiry

by willforster on 6 July, 2016

The Iraq Inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot has finally exposed one of the most shameful moments in our nation’s history – the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The report has confirmed that Tony Blair and the British Government was fixated in joining President George W Bush and the Americans into going to war in […]

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My Lib Dem colleague Councillor Ian Johnson had his first meeting as Vice Chairman of Woking Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee this evening. Ian Johnson is the first Lib Dem to take a leading role in scrutinising Woking Borough Council matters for a few years – as back in 2014, the Conservatives changed the Council’s […]

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Does the Woking canopy have a future?

by willforster on 17 June, 2016

Last night, my Lib Dem colleagues and I submitted a motion to Woking Council criticising plans to remove the Albion Square Canopy less than 10 years after it was built – and we have called for the canopy to stay. The new owners of Albion House have lodged a planning application to redevelop the office block, […]

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Surrey and Woking to miss cycling funding target

by willforster on 12 June, 2016

In the run up to last year’s General Election, David Cameron and the Conservatives said they would bring funding in cycling up to the level of £10 per person per year – that is the funding required to ensure adequate cycling infrastructure according to a key parliamentary report. However, since the election the government has been […]

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