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I received a letter yesterday from the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey requesting my views on his proposal to raise the Police’s section of Council Tax by 24% next year. Needless to say my first reaction was one of shock – I even had to re-read the letter to ensure I got things right. As Surrey’s […]

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Preserving a blind person’s right to use a taxi

by willforster on November 17, 2014

Following hearing this story of a local blind army veteran who was refused a taxi ride as he had a guide dog – I got the Equalities Task Group of Woking Borough Council last week to review how taxis treat blind and partially sighted people. The Disability Discrimination Act and the newer Equalities Act bans […]

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Elderly Homes Under Threat

by willforster on November 5, 2014

Surrey County Council have launched a consultation on plans to close down its residential homes for the elderly. The County Council owns and runs six residential care homes – in Camberley, Caterham, Cranleigh, Farnham, Ottershaw and Reigate.  However, there are quite a lot of other residential homes that are operated in the Council’s name by […]

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Delays to Woking Park Play Area

by willforster on November 2, 2014

Woking Borough Council have admitted that the refurbishment of the play area in Woking Park is running slightly behind schedule. The Council planned for the work to take up to 17 weeks and it hoped that the new play area would open by the end of October.  However, due to some issues and bad weather […]

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I recently called on Woking Football Club to tackle homophobia on the football terraces as part of a national Lib Dem campaign against homophobic abuse in football. Stephen Williams MP, the Lib Dem Minister for Communities and Local Government called on all football clubs nationally, as well as the Football Association and the Police to […]

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Vicarage Road Closure

by willforster on October 28, 2014

The Kingsmoor Park development has been causing serious inconvenience to local residents around the development site in Westfield since construction work started in November 2013 – unfortunately, that inconvenience is about to get a whole lot worse and will soon impact many more people. In order to upgrade the sewage infrastructure for that development, Thames Water […]

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Bishop David Brown School Expansion

by willforster on September 24, 2014

Surrey County Council is currently consulting on plans for an expansion of Bishop David Brown School in Sheerwater. If the plans were approved, the secondary school would expand its capacity by one-form of entry in September 2016.  This would increase the capacity of the school from 750 to 900 pupils – allowing 180 pupils, rather than the […]

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The referendum and devolution

by willforster on September 23, 2014

I was delighted and relieved that Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom – however, following the Scottish independence referendum it is clear that there needs to be a radical change in how our country is governed. The three major Party Leaders have rightly promised Scotland and the Scottish Parliament further powers, which in […]

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Woking flies the Saltire

by willforster on September 12, 2014

I am delighted to say that Woking Borough Council has agreed to my request for the Scottish Saltire to be flown above the Civic Offices – the flag is up, where it shall remain until the day after the referendum. By flying the Saltire, Woking – like much of the United Kingdom is now saying we […]

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Fly the Saltire

by willforster on September 9, 2014

In my capacity as Leader of the Opposition on Woking Borough Council - I have formally requested that the Council fly the Scottish Saltire over the Civic Offices in Gloucester Square in support of Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom. The referendum on independence is clearly a matter for Scotland, but I think the rest of the […]

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